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By Alban Guého, situated near the entrance to a hotel in France this strange, tactile installation is an abstract interpretation of an ancient Greek myth, the work is titled ‘Medusa’. The long wool fibres look so tempting to walk through under the installation, lovely stuff.



An A-Z of Edible Flowers

Charlotte Day


Angawi house, Jeddah, Arabia Saudita

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Norway; 2014 | by Atle Rønningen

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Telling Stories through Food with @leesamantha

For more photos and videos of Samantha’s culinary artwork, follow @leesamantha on Instagram.

"When I first started creating food art, those in bento boxes (called charaben) had been around for a long time—but I was more interested in exploring food art out of the box and simplifying the technique,” says Malaysia Instagrammer Samantha Lee (@leesamantha). “Since then, I’ve developed my own unique style of storytelling on plates that explores a variety of subject matter and ingredients,” she adds.

A mother of two daughters, Samantha started devising ways to get them to eat in a healthier and more independent way by applying creativity to her presentation. She designs scenes on plates featuring celebrities, popular characters, animals and famous landmarks, made up mainly of local and fresh edible ingredients. Samantha’s ideas and creative inspiration come from a variety of fine arts as well as from her daughters, whom she describes as having “endless imagination”.

Samantha is also careful to keep food waste to a minimum. “Before I begin putting any new ideas on a plate, I sketch out my designs and write down ideas and ingredients I’ll be using. It helps me to be more organized and prevent food waste.” Her minimalistic approach shows in her camera work as well. She edits very little by choosing to shoot in natural light and avoids using too many props in her photos to “let the food art stand out and speak for itself.”


Creating “Nezo Art” (#寝相アート) with @erichedelic

To see more photos of “nezo art,” browse the #寝相アート hashtag and follow @erichedelic on Instagram.

"The way my baby daughter slept was so funny, and I had some time to spare while she was asleep," explains Fukuoka Instagrammer Eriko Ohga (@erichedelic). In Japan, a growing trend called “nezo art” (寝相アート) has been inspiring mothers like Eriko to take creative photos of their babies while they sleep. Literally meaning “sleep-posture art” in Japanese, this new style of documenting baby years allows moms to have some fun during their few hours of peace while the little one sleeps.

The “nezo art” that creative moms like Eriko share are especially elaborate, using costumes and household props like laundry to shape scenes that tell stories. “I try to form a rough idea of the scene I want to create and prepare the area where my daughter would lay down before she falls asleep,” reveals Eriko. She then places her daughter in the designated setup, and, once the baby is asleep, the rest of the parts are put together in stealthy movements. Eriko also shares her tips for shooting the finished image: “I climb up on a chair to capture the entire scene from above. I’m also extra careful not to wake the baby up with the sound of the iPhone camera.”



The Scarecrow





Andreas Rocha


Teddy’s Nacho Royale

by Moniker SF


36 Days Of Type

by Sergi Delgado


FASHION: Fendi Resort 2015

For Fendi's lively Resort 2015 collection, Karl Lagerfeld pulls inspiration from the fashion houses vintage “Fendi Roma” graffiti-inspired motifs - sprawling it across outerwear, blouses, dresses, and track pants. 

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Jason Martin

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Best Fonts Released on May. Lots of fonts from $4.

Fonts, fonts, fonts, and more fonts! As usual I choose the best and more remarkable fonts released on this past month. Tons of fonts are released every month, but I can’t show them to you all, some fonts are remakes, low quality, icons, etc. Nevertheless, there are really beautiful and innovative typefaces that surely will fit on your next project.

Also I try to highlight the discount that type foundry is offering, some deals are introductory offers that you never see again, so is worth to note that you can save a lot of money staying tuned of new releases.

My super favourites this month: Adorn by Laura Worthington (is a super complete family you don’t need anything more), Eleveth by Ryab Martinson, Urban Grotesk and Quiroga.

Feel free to click on the name of the fonts:

  1. Adorn
  2. Newslab (75% off)
  3. Eveleth (82% off)
  4. Feast
  5. XXII Yeah Script (40% off)
  6. Elysi (80% off)
  7. Silo (50% off)
  8. Ample (50% off)
  9. Flirt Script (30% off)
  10. Klimt (85% off)
  11. Woolen
  12. Kansas Casual (50% off)
  13. Mangerica (50% off)
  14. Campan
  15. Clasica (75%)
  16. Nanami Handmade (90% off)
  17. Urban Grotesk (50% off)
  18. Core Rhino (60% off)
  19. Suarez (30% off)
  20. Lichtspielhaus (80% off)
  21. Ringo (80% off)
  22. Quiroga Serif Std (70% off)
  23. Bitner (70% off)
  24. Helado

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If you want to see more lovely fonts and beautiful lettering visit:

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